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Spirit PFC Fuel Purifier Drop-in

The SpiritPFC Fuel Purifier PowerStick drop-in is a patented fuel treatment and stabilizer product ideal for any gasoline or diesel fuel application. These are placed into your fuel tank and will treat the fuel for up to 3-years. You can also use the SpiritPFC PowerStick in your storage tanks and cans, to greatly reduce instability problems and increase your fuel's life span. After the drop-in has absorbed metallic impurities for three years, you simply remove and discard the use one and replace with a new PowerStick to continue protecting and improving your fuels performance. We currently produce two sizes for typical power equipment which treats fuel in the tank for up to three years. Multiple drop-ins can be added to increase the treatment capacity.

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Distributed to participating Harley Davidson dealers by:

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3-Gallon Drop-in PowerStick

Dimensions - 4-1/2" long x 7/8" thick



Price $29.99 ea.


6-Gallon Drop-in PowerStick

Dimensions - 6-1/2" long x 7/8" thick


Price $42.99 ea.

Also available retail at:

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