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MagnaFilter removes damaging metal particles that spin-on oil filters leave behind. MagnaFilter is a patented filter that installs onto the engine block between the block and the existing spin-on oil filter.  It improves the lubrication-qualities of the oil by removing the small (sub-micron) damaging ferrous metal wear particles that the existing filter allows to remain in the oil.

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Add extra protection to your vehicle today! This is the kind of protection, the manufacturer doesn't want you to know about, because our filters will make your power train last longer! 

Cleaner oil means reduced friction and less wear. The engine, transmission and power steering run cooler and last longer. You get more trouble-free miles and a lower cost of ownership.

Reducing Friction improves fuel economy. Contamination adds friction which robs your engine of power, and efficiency.

Extends power train life up to 6 times. A Strong Barium Ferrite Magnet captures even the smallest harmful metal particles in the oil. Without this magnetic filter, metal particles will cause excessive wear, even with regularly scheduled oil changes.

Approved by many manufacturers. Most manufacturers use magnets in some applications. Using our filters, won't affect your factory warranty.


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